Firstmate Mini Trainers Dog Treats – June Sale – 20% OFF

Every dog owner knows that training is an essential part of ensuring their furry friends are well-behaved and obedient. Treats play a crucial role in reinforcing positive behavior during training sessions. If you're in search of the perfect training treat that...

Canadian Naturals Turkey and Salmon Dog Foods – $8 OFF Large Bags

Canadian Naturals Turkey and Salmon Dog Foods - $8 OFF Large Bags   When it comes to our beloved four-legged companions, providing them with a wholesome and balanced diet is of utmost importance. Canadian Naturals Turkey and Salmon Dog Food offers a delectable...


Petcurean is a well-known and respected brand in the world of pet food, known for their commitment to using high-quality, nutritious ingredients in their recipes. One of their latest offerings is the LIMITED INGREDIENT GRAIN-FREE INSECT RECIPE, which is made with...

 Since 2010 Barks and Recreation Pet Services and Supplies in Trail, BC have offered a full range of products and services for your pets. We have a small, indoor, dog daycare for your social pup to play with other great dogs while you work or play. Four certified dog trainers offer group classes, one-on-one training, in your home or online. Our amazing pet groomer is available for a simple nail trim, a bath, or a full hairdo. One of the owners also can produce a memorial custom pet portrait painting of your loved one. Treat your pet to our pet supplies selection with 3000+ quality cat treats, dog treats, small animal treats, toys, supplies and food.

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Barks and Rec has a large selection of Canadian-made dog foods, lots of treats and chews, as well as many accessories to browse through.


We have an ever growing list of Canadian-made cat foods, a bunch of cat treats, and plenty of accessories to browse OR purchase for local pickup.

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Testimonials & Featured Clients

5/5 - Sarah and the gang have been so incredibly helpful with my pup. Taking the time to put her down for naps, do training with her and give me updates at the end of each time she is at doggy day care. I feel so at ease, knowing that my pup is in such great hands. Thank you Barks & Rec!

5/5 - Great professionalism. Groomer asked lots of questions and made suggestions. Petunia is so cute. It was awesome. Very competitive prices too.

5/5 - Great trainers and knowledgeable staff that are excited to help out however they can! Good selection of pet supplies. Highly recommend for whatever you need.

5/5 - Brenda always takes such great care of my dog! We always leave happy, shiny and well groomed!

5/5 - We are so excited to be able to visit Barks and Rec again for all our puppy needs. We first used their services about ten years ago with our first dog. We purchased all our dogs goodies (food, toys leashes) from them. We were able to do the puppy school and even some one-on-one training with Sarah. The time she spent with us through all our puppy needs is still with us all these years later as we are training a new puppy. BUT one of our favorite services they offer is, doggy daycare. Our new puppy just had her first half day and it was amazing! She was so tired and calm after. Looking forward to many more years of service from Barks and Rec.

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