1208 Pine Ave.
Trail, BC
[email protected]

MON – SAT – 10:00am – 5:00pm
MON – FRI – 8:00am – 5:00pm
TUES – FRI – 7:30am – 5:00pm

Daycare Pricing

2 Hour Trial Process


 Full Day (up to 11 hours and including taxes)


 Half Day (up to 5 hours and including taxes)


Puppies (under 6 months) Half Day (up to 11 hours and including taxes)


Puppies (under 6 months) Full Day (up to 11 hours and including taxes)


  **Unscheduled drop-ins, new dogs, and non regular clients may incur an extra $10 charge (under management’s discretion)

 Full Day Punch Card
(Buy 10 full days get 1 full day free/taxes included)


 Half Day Punch Card
(Buy 10 half days get 1 half day free/taxes included)


(no appointment, call us to ensure our groomer is at the store)

$15+GST and up

Grooming Pricing

Full Service Includes:

A bath, nails trimmed, bum, pee and groin get shaved, ears cleaned, your dog gets blow dried, then given haircut of customers choice.

 Dogs under 10 lbs.

starting from $45+GST

 Dogs 11 – 20 lbs.


starting from $50+GST

 Dogs 21 – 30 lbs.


starting from $55+GST

 Dogs 31 – 40 lbs.

starting from $60+GST

 Dogs 41 – 50 lbs.

starting from $65+GST

 Dogs 51 – 60 lbs.

starting from $70+GST

 Dogs 61 – 70 lbs.


starting from $80+GST

 Dogs 71 – 80 lbs.


starting from $90+GST

 Dogs 81 – 90 lbs.


starting from $100+GST

 Dogs 90 lbs.
(roughly estimated at $1 per pound, dependent on breed/hair length)

Cats (full shave)

starting from $40+GST


Quick Bath Service Includes:

Bath, quick dry + nails

Small Dogs (up to 20lbs)

starting from $20+GST

Medium Dogs (21-40lbs)

starting from $25+GST

Large Dogs (41-60lbs)

starting from $30+GST

XLarge Dogs (61+lbs)

starting from $40+GST

U-Bath Service:

We provide the tub, water, shampoos, brushes, towels, and blow dryer, you provide the dog.

This service is available during retail store hours but please call first as our groomer
needs use of the tub from time to time during the day.

Small Dogs (up to 20lbs)


Medium Dogs (21-40lbs)


Large Dogs (41lbs+)


Pet Portrait Painting Pricing

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to begin the painting process. The deposit can be dropped off at our store along with image desired to be painted. Purchases can be made online via my Etsy Shop. Prices do not include shipping. Full balance is necessary prior to pickup or delivery of finished work.


 1 3/4″ Deep
Canvas w/frame

Second Animal

8″ x 8″



12″ x 12″



11″ x 14″



16″ x 20″



18″/20″ x 24″



24″ x 36″**



Prices include a high-quality portrait style acrylic or oil on canvas painting with basic background, floating frame, and short time-lapse digital file.

 *+Shipping & Handling
**24″ x 36″ + other sizes not designated here do not include frames
 + 25% additional charge for complex/detailed background (anything other than monochromatic)
+ 25% additional charge for rush orders
(orders usually take 2 weeks to complete and ship but up to 8 weeks when I am very busy)
+ $80 for a one-time, up to one-hour photo session for the painting.