Doggy Detectives – Fun Scent Games


The canine nose knows!

Our popular scent games seminar is coming back – new and improved in a drop-in class format. Teach your pet the exciting new activity of canine nose work. Nose work is teaching the dogs to use their natural scenting ability to seek out hidden food and eventually they can learn to track, find and alert to specific odors. The same type of training is used for narcotics detection, bomb detection, and even to sniff out certain types of cancer. It’s very easy to train and natural, any dog can do it and they all love it. It’s great mental stimulation and a wonderful activity when you cannot do a long walk or the weather is poor as it tires them right out.

Taking registrations now! Start date February 15th – 11:30am

Cost is 4 session for $99

Class size is limited and spaces will fill quickly!