original image was 640×480

Jude and Baby 16in x 20in Acrylic on canvas 12-2011

A commissioned acrylic on canvas painting of two cats, Jude and Baby. This painting was hard to complete within a short period of time that was also a very busy month for our store giving me even less time than usual to complete the work. The photo chosen was from many images provided by the owner that were mostly blurry or out of focus and or did not include both cats and therefore had very different lighting or angles. This image was quite cluttered originally so early on I decided to clear out the majority of the background and allow the painting to focus on the two cats. I was told that the expressions on the cats in this photo truly represented their personalities which were good because I was a little worried about painting the black cat with an angry facial expression as portrayed in the photo. It was great to be able to paint again as it had been a few months since my last painting, here’s hoping I get to painting another pet portrait soon.

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