Silver Spur – Buffalo Ears VANILLA Dog Chew – 6PK

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Silver Spur – Buffalo Ears Vanilla – 6PK

Silver Spur Vanilla Buffalo Ears are so tasty your pup will jump for joy! This product has a special vanilla flavor.

-All Natural
-Free Range
-Oven Baked
-No Additives
-For Healthy Teeth & Gums
These products are some of our most popular. Produced in India from the Water Buffalo, the animals are raised within 50km of the processing facility in hundreds of small villages. The animals are all grass-fed, naturally raised and processed using the most humane methods. In fact, the facility produces meat for human consumption and follows strict Halal practices mandating ethical treatment and cleanliness of the facility.

Open Range selections such as bull tails and cows ears appear whiteish and slightly puffed in texture. These items are tumbled in a recipe of water, pistachio shells and walnut shells which act as a natural abrasion to remove hair and the outermost layer of skin known as the epidermis.

During this process, water is absorbed and naturally changes the color. Any hair that remains is singed off with a flame prior to the item being dehydrated.?

Customers can be confident they are purchasing the highest quality, natural product that is dehydrated to optimize nutrient availability.

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