Calm Paws – Calming E-Collar – LARGE – 24-39CM (9.5-15.5in)

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Calm Paws – Calming E-Collar – Large – 24-39CM (9.5-15.5in)

This translucent blue adjustable e-collar features a patented flap pocket to secure our calming disk. These scented disks are infused with natural essential oils to help soothe and calm your dog in stressful situations. The blue color of the collar has also been shown to help calm pets.

The collar is lightweight with comfort soft edging and can be secured to your pet’s regular collar by threading ribbon or string through the oblong slots located around the inner ring of the collar.

This collar is an ideal support to your pet through the recovery phase post surgery when a surgical collar is recommended.

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Weight0.275 kg
Dimensions62 × 36 × 2 cm


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