Catit – Creamy Superfood Cat Treats – Assorted Multipack – 8PK

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Catit – Creamy Superfood Cat Treats – Assorted Multipack – 8PK

Your cat’s favourite lickable treats, now enriched with nutritious Superfoods! Delight your feline friend with a tasty low-calorie treat that supplements their diet with some of nature’s finest power foods. Catit Creamy does not contain corn, wheat or soy. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives are used either. The treat has a small set of ingredients and limited protein sources, which can benefit sensitive cats with allergies. Catit Creamy contains taurine, a natural amino acid that plays a vital role in maintaining proper digestion, heart muscle function, eyesight and immune responses in your cat. Catit Creamy is a nutritious snack, rich in moisture, that adds variety to your cat’s diet. It helps keep your cat hydrated, which is crucial in ensuring proper digestion and kidney function.

Key Features:
– Lickable cat treats enriched with Superfoods
– Fresh, all-natural ingredients, including essential nutrients
– Delicious by itself or as a dry food topping
– Mix Pack contains 2 tubes of Chicken with Coconut & Kale, 2 tubes of Lamb with Quinoa & Chia, 2 tubes of Salmon with Quinoa & Spirulina, and 2 tubes of Tuna with Coconut & Wakame

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