Doktor Doom – Tick & Flea SHAMPOO Cat & Dog – 225GM (8oz)

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Doktor Doom – Tick & Flea SHAMPOO Cat & Dog – 225GM (8oz)

Doktor Doom Maximum Strength Premium Quality #1 Dog & Cat Tick and Flea Killer Shampoo (Domestic)
This treatment applies to the following species:
Company: UltraSol
Kills Dog & Cat Fleas, American Dog & Brown Dog Ticks with Coconut Oil no TICKS & FLEAS on US!
Doktor Doom Maximum Strength Premium Quality #1 Dog & Cat Tick and Flea Killer Shampoo (Domestic) Caution
Pyrethrins 0.30%
Piperonyl Butoxide 2.40%
REG. NO. 31476 P.C.P. ACT
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use ONLY in a well-ventilated area, preferably outdoors. For control of dog and cat fleas, American and Brown Dog ticks. Shake well before using. Wet dog or cat with warm water. Apply shampoo, working lather thoroughly down to skin from head to tail. Pay special attention to neck and hindquarters. Do not treat eyes, face or genitals of pet. For difficult infestations, allow lather to remain on animal for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary. Do not use on puppies or kittens under 8 weeks of age or nursing females. Do not spray more than once a week. Consult veterinarian before use on pregnant animals. Do not use on sick animals or animals under drug or other pesticide treatment. Treatment must be repeated only if the pest problem persists or reoccurs. For effective flea and tick control, treatment of the pet should be combined with the sanitation of any area used by the pet. Vacuum floors, carpets, and furniture (discard vacuum bag after use) and wash the pet’s bedding, living quarters, and surrounding areas. If pest problems persist, an insecticidal treatment of the premises may be required. A veterinarian should be consulted when flea infestation continues to be a problem on the pet. Do NOT use solely as a shampoo when there is no pest problem.
PRECAUTIONS: PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL HAZARDS: Contents under pressure. Do not place in hot water or near radiators, stoves or other sources of heat. Do NOT puncture or incinerate container even when empty. Do NOT store at a room temperature over 50°C. Keep away from open flames or sparks.
HUMANS: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed though skin. Avoid skin contact by wearing rubber gloves. Avoid contact with mouth, eyes, skin and clothing. Avoid contact with pet until dry. After handling or applying, wash hands (or any other skin that came into contact with the product) with soap and water. Avoid product contact with food, food utensils or places where food is prepared or stored.
PETS: Harmful if swallowed or inhaled. May irritate eyes, nose and throat. Avoid direct spray of dog’s or cat’s mouth, face, eyes and genitals. Toxic to fish and other aquatic life. Cover fish aquaria in vicinity of treatment area. Toxic to birds. Discontinue use if dermal or nasal irritation develops.
FIRST AID: HUMANS: If inhaled, move person to fresh air. If person is not breathing, call 911 or an ambulance, then give artificial respiration, preferably by mouth-to-mouth, if possible. Call a poison control centre or doctor for further treatment advice. If in eyes: hold eye open and rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first 5 minutes, then continue rinsing eye. Call a poison control centre or doctor for treatment advice. If on skin or clothing, take off contaminated clothing. Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes. Call a poison control centre or doctor for treatment advice. If accidentally swallowed, call a poison control centre or doctor immediately for treatment advice. Do not induce vomiting unless told to do so by a poison control centre or doctor. Do not give any liquid to the person. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person.
PETS: Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur, bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately. Take container, label or product name and Pest Control Product Registration Number with you when seeking medical attention or veterinary attention.
TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION: Treat symptomatically. This product contains petroleum distillates. Vomiting may cause aspiration pneumonia.
DISPOSAL: Do not reuse empty container. When container is empty, press valve to release pressure. Wrap and dispose of empty container in household garbage. Do NOT puncture or incinerate.
NOTICE TO USER: This pest control product is to be used only in accordance with the directions on the label. It is an offence under the Pest Control Products Act to use this product in a way that is inconsistent with the directions on the label. The user assumes the risk to persons or property that arises from any such use of this product.

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