Ez-clean Bio Enzyme Cleaner – 4L (135oz)

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Ez-clean Bio Enzyme Cleaner – 4L (135oz)

What is this stuff?
Ez-Clean is bacteria. Not the nasty bacteria that makes you sick but the good bacteria that eats gross and gooey things.
Think of ez-clean as the workers that you spray into the trenches to do all the nasty work so you don’t have to worry.
Ez-clean eats the pee, the poop, the bile, the blood, the sweat and other stinky stuff, leaving nothing behind. NO SMELL! NO STAIN!

What nasty things could you use it on?
– Dog Runs & Kennels
– Litter Boxes
– Organic Carpet Stains
– Organic Upholstery Stains
– Garbage Cans
– Sport Equipment
– Laundry
– Decks
– Fences
– Real Grass
– Synthetic Grass
– Mildew Smell
– Smoke Smell
– Skunk Smell
– Vehicles
– RV Toilets
– Septic Tanks
– Mattress Stains
– Medical Scrubs
– Stock Trailers
– Barns

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 32 cm


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