Ez-clean Bio Enzyme SPRAY Cleaner – 1L (34oz)

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Ez-clean Bio Enzyme SPRAY Cleaner – 1L (34oz)

Ez-clean is a professional bioenzyme cleaner that dog kennels and groomers across Canada choose to use. It is a highly concentrated liquid blend of safe, naturally occurring bacteria that makes it cost effective to eliminate odors and degrade organic waste. Ez-clean will provide excellent breakdown of urine, blood, vomit, feces, sweat and any other organic substance that creates smells or makes stains.
Advantages :
Highly concentrated—12 billion bioenzymes per liter
Can be diluted to 1:64 and still be effective
Safe for immediate contact for you and your pets
Tested for 4 years on multi dog facilities to perfect the blend
Eliminates odors instead of masking them.
Made in Canada
Applications are endless! A few ideas are below :
dog runs and kennels
decks and fences
vehicles, including RV toilets
household use – organic carpet, upholstery & mattress stains, garbage cans, washing machines, mildew & smoke smells
laundry – sporting equipment, medical scrubs
barns & stock trailers
skunk spray – yard, clothing, or you can even spray directly onto your dog!
septic tanks

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