*DISC* Fluval – Betta Premium Aquarium Substrate, Black – 1.2KG (2.65lb)

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Fluval – Betta Premium Aquarium Substrate, Black – 1.2KG (2.65lb)

The Betta Premium Aquarium Substrate provides the ideal foundation for a natural looking aquascape with beautiful colors that will highlight the vibrant pigmentation of your Betta splendens. The substrate features a smooth texture that helps protect delicate fins and a grain size optimized for live plant growth and beneficial bacteria colonization.

Key Features :
Creates a natural looking environment for your Betta splendens habitat
Smooth texture helps protect delicate Betta fins
Inert – will not alter water chemistry
Allows live plant roots to easily spread and grow
Ideal grain size fosters enhanced beneficial bacteria growth
Easy maintenance for quick clean-up
1 Bag of 2.65 lb / 1.2 kg = 2.6 US Gal / 10 L tank @ to 0.5” / 1.25 cm depth
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Weight 1.315 kg
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 7 cm


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