Pet House – Wax Melts – Lilac Garden – 85GM (3oz)

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Pet House – Wax Melts – Lilac Garden – 85GM (3oz)

Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes, these natural soy wax melts remove pet odors, eliminate unpleasant smells and fills the air with fresh, delightful fragrance. Enriched with the proprietary blend of essential oils, high-quality fragrances and odor neutralizer, our scented wax melts comes in a variety of wonderful fragrances that pet families are sure to love. Our long-lasting wax melts are made using 100% hand-poured natural soy wax, a renewable resource. Our wax melts are dye and paraffin free so they are non-toxic and allergen-free. And they work in almost every wax warmer.

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