Purebites – TUNA, SALMON & VEGETABLES Broth Wet Dog Food – 57GM (2oz)

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Purebites – Tuna, Salmon & Vegetables Broth Wet Dog Food – 57GM (2oz)

At PureBites, we’re always asking pet parents to “Go ahead, look at our ingredients”. Simplicity and the high-quality ingredients we choose to feed our family makes a difference. At PureBites, this means every member of our family. PureBites Tuna, Salmon & Vegetables Broth is the ultimate limited ingredient treat, topper, or mixer. Made with only 5 simple human grade ingredients: tuna broth, wild tuna, wild salmon, tomato, and spinach. Nothing else. No artificial colours, fillers, sweeteners, or preservatives. PureBites Broths are a great way to make mealtime fun and exciting, with tuna, salmon, and vegetables in a rich broth that dogs crave and the added nutrients that pet parents love.

Human grade tuna broth, tuna, salmon, tomato, spinach.

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