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Made in the USA! The Ruff Land™
Backseat RiderM isa little shorter than our best-selling intermediate kennel so it fits better behind your front seat (and two can fit end-to-end in the back seat of most standard vehicles).
You asked for it, and Ruff Land™ delivers. Introducing the Ruff Land”™ Backseat Rider™, a kennel configured specifically to fit on the floor behind the front seat of your pickup, with the backseat folded up or directly on your backseat. This is the perfect place for a kennel, as it allows your dog to ride inside when it’s cold outside, when you don’t want your dog subjected to frigid temps and windchills, or when you’re driving on dirt roads or in rainy weather. Like all Ruff Land™
Kennels, the Backseat RiderM is built tough, built safe and built smart.

Length: 27 7/8″
Width: 20″ at widest point Height: 23 1/4″

Length: 26 1/8″
Width: 17″ at narrowest point – 193/4″ at widest point Height: 22″

Length: 24 1/2″
Width: 17 1/2″
Weight: Approx. 17 pounds

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Weight8.5 kg
Dimensions86 × 58 × 60 cm


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