*DISC* Unleashed – Stainless Steel Coop Cup – 30oz

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*DISC* Unleashed – Stainless Steel Coop Cup – 30oz

These hook on coop cups keep everything clean and spill free! They can be secured to the side of bird cages, dog crates, fences, and other surfaces. Perfect for bird seed, pet food, or treats!

A great variety of stainless steel bowls from your basic economy stainless to modern and contemporary designs, Unleashed bowls have something for everyone. Consumers are looking for items that blend with their home décor and these bowls meet the need. These high quality stainless steel bowls feature embossing, hand hammered finishes and a variety of colour and finishing treatments that would fit into any home.

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Weight0.275 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 6 cm


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