About Our Team

Our amazing team and their exceptional skills and love of animals.

Sarah Dixon

Owner - Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2010

Director of Behaviour and Training

Sarah Dixon is a dog trainer and behavior consultant with nearly two decades of experience. 

Sarah specializes in a variety of complex behavior problems, including leash reactivity, resource guarding, separation anxiety, aggression towards dogs or people, and severe fear and anxiety. She spent several years working as a full-time trainer and behavior consultant in Manhattan, which provided her invaluable experience on handling behavior issues in a condensed, chaotic urban environment.

Sarah has had articles published in industry journals and books, has presented workshops throughout North America, has several online courses. 

Cameron Dixon

Owner - Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2010

Pet Portrait Painter, Retail Expert

Over 30 years of retail experience in a range of positions allowed Cameron to utilize his knowledge towards the retail portion of our store. His passion has always been animals and art and he utilizes his skills learned from his two Fine Art Degrees to create one of a kind pet paintings keepsakes and offers design experience with the social media and website development.

View some of his work: www.camerondixon.com

Nicole Courson

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2016

Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant/Certified Trainer

Nicole had always enjoyed living and helping with animals. After years of dedicated volunteering handling dogs and working through problem behaviours she decided to pursue a career in dog training and behaviour consulting, followed by the opportunity to apprentice under Sarah Dixon in 2016. Nicole has graduated with certificates from the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional program and courses through the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC) to build a well-rounded understanding of behavioural sciences and their application in animal training and care.

Kaylee Borrowman

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2015
Lead Daycare Attendant, Retail Sales
Kaylee has been fostering cats, kittens, and small animals for the BC SPCA West Kootenay Community Animal Centre since August 2013 and starting volunteering there in November of 2013. Kaylee is our lead daycare supervisor and is responsible for the fun photo shoots!

Ashley Main

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2016

Certified Trainer, Customer Service

Ashley teaches our Puppy Smart Start group class and private lessons program. She is a certified trainer and is working towards being a Certified Family Dog Mediator. You can often find Ashley helping in the store and she occasionally assists with grooming as well.

Brenda Ross

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2019
Expert Groomer
Brenda grew up in the area and has a total of 14 years of experience in pet grooming. She works hard to make sure all the dogs and cats that come into our store are as comfortable as they can be during their stay. She works under the International Groomers Association code of ethics and is working towards her Master Groomer Certification.

Stephanie Halverson

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2019
Retail Supervisor

Stephanie joins us with lots of retail and customer service experience. She is a critical part of our team, with her level of experience. She is responsible for a lot of the duties for the retail shop.


Kayla Mackenzie

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2020
Daycare Supervisor

 Kayla comes to us with previous experience at a larger daycare in Calgary. All our regular daycare dogs are always happy to see her.


Jessica Grey

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2021
Certified Trainer, Daycare Supervisor, Customer Service

Jessica is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner and a Certified Family Dog Mediator. Jess teaches our Team Builders group class and private lessons as well as being one of the trainers for our Play and Learn daycare and train program.


Emily Bromley

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2021
Junior Trainer, Daycare Supervisor, Grooming Assistant, Customer Service

Emily comes to us with some dog training experience. She is currently working towards being a Certified Family Dog Mediator. Emily is one of our daycare supervisors and trainers for our Play and Learn program. You can also find her in the store and helping in grooming.


Robyn Koch

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2022
Assistant Groomer, Daycare Supervisor, Customer Service

Robyn is the newest member of our team. You will mostly find her helping Brenda in grooming but she also helps in daycare and the retail store.


Jack Gray

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2022
Customer Service

Jack is one of our student employees. You can find him helping in the store a few days a week. Jack plans to attend school to become a vet.


Cody Jones

Worked at Barks and Recreation since 2022
Daycare Assistant

Cody is one of our student employees. He helps close the daycare a few times a week. 


About Barks and Recreation Pet Services

Barks & Recreation Pet Services is owned and operated by Cameron Dixon BFA’s Fine Art (Visual/New Media) and Sarah Fulcher, Cert.CBST. Sarah is a West Kootenay native and Cameron is originally from Fort St. John BC.

The pair met in Lethbridge, AB in 2004, and after finishing Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in New Media, was ready for a change and decided to move to Trail, BC. The move to the gorgeous area brought them closer to family, better weather, and a new relaxed lifestyle completed with a plethora of outdoor activities. Sarah and Cam had moved to BC in 2009 and they and their furry family love it here.

 Their family consists of three dogs and three cats. The cats, Sparklepants, Cedric, and Carl enjoy a cozy indoor lifestyle. The dogs, Dexter – a Belgian shepherd,  Brew – an Australian Shepard, Tina (The Fat Lard) – a Spitz mix rescue from Alabama, and Bezequille – an Australian Shepherd keep Cam and Sarah busy and active. Cam, Sarah, and the dogs enjoy a variety of activities year-round, including hiking, biking, agility, dog sledding, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

 Sarah is a certified dog trainer with over 20 years of experience working with rescue dogs and pets. She specializes in positive training and leadership, puppy training, basic obedience, fear and aggression issues, and “difficult” dogs. Cam is an animal lover with a wealth of knowledge gained from fostering and working with many rescue dogs with Sarah through the years.

 Sarah started training dogs through traditional training methods, which are based on punishment/correction and the idea that the root of all problem behaviour is the dog attempting dominance. Everything changed when Sarah found Maui. She was 3 years old and had an abusive and neglected start to her life. The methods Sarah had been taught, caused the sensitive and free-spirited dog to simply shut down. Enrolling in an obedience class hoping for insight sparked Sarah’s interest in clicker training and started her continuing quest to learn as much as possible about dog behaviour and positive training as possible.

 The clicker training class opened a whole new world for her, as she saw her independent dog turn on, become engaged and enjoying learning, thinking and being creative. Thanks to this first-class and the effect it had on her dog, Sarah is now a dedicated positive dog trainer. She has since learned that much of what she first was taught is outdated and incorrect. Maui is a happy and confident, trained in dog sledding, competes in dog agility and competition obedience (she has her first level title through CKC), rally obedience and recently obtained her Therapy Dog certification through St. John’s ambulance.

Cam, as a talented artist and photographer, adds an extra dimension to Barks and Recreation by providing pet photography and custom portrait painting service. With a combined total of 10 years and two Fine Art degrees, he has fine-tuned his talents and love for all things artistic and his talent shines in everything he creates. 20+ years of retail work and management allowed Cameron to use his business skills in this venture. Together Sarah and Cam hope to provide a valuable service to pet owners in the Great Trail Area with their business.

Timely Support

Our team is busy but always ready to answer your questions and give you a helping hand. Please contact us via phone, email, social media, or come into the store.


The staff is here because of their love for all animals. Feel confident in bringing your furry family member into our store for a fun play date in our daycare, some help with training, a nice new haircut, or for high-quality food and products.

Skill & Education

Our staff’s compassion pushes them to constantly add to their education and self-learn about all our new products and services. We like to encourage this to ensure that we are offering the best service we can and keep ahead of the competition.

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