About the Trainer

Sarah Fulcher, head trainer at Barks n’ Rec, is an ABTA Certified Dog Trainer with over 10 years experience. She is currently training her own dogs – two siberian huskies and a belgian shepherd – in obedience, agility, dog sledding, and skijorring, and is working towards a Canine Behaviour Science and Technology Certificate through the Companion Animal Science Institute. Her oldest dog, Maui (9 year old siberian husky), has obtained a PCD obedience title through the CKC, is currently competing in agility, and recently obtained her Therapy Dog certification.

Group Classes – Kinderpuppy, Mind Your Manners, Intermediate and Advanced Obedience

Our training methods are positive and scientifically proven to achieve lasting results; we do not offer quick fixes or punishment-based methods. We believe that creative, positive training combined with managing your dog’s behaviour, relationship-building, and peacefully gaining their respect, is the most effective method to fix behavioural issues. It is our experience that aversive methods in training are rarely necessary and are not truly effective. We offer a wide array of classes and private lessons, with training options for every age, breed, or behaviour problem.

Instead of using punishment as your go-to solution, we will teach you how to properly manage your dog’s environment to reduce problem behaviours, properly redirect your dog from bad behaviour, and train desireable behaviours instead. Sometimes, a negative consequence may be necessary, but we can help you understand when they are appropriate and what are humane, effect options. You will learn how your dog thinks and learns, so you can better understand him and the strange things he sometimes does! We will teach you how to understand and read canine body language, what is appropriate play behaviour, how to become a fair and respected leader to your dog, and develop a symbiotic relationship built on trust in which you become the reward. Teach your dog all the basic cues and how learn hot to maintain desired behaviours with reinforcement in your dog’s every day life.

Kinderpuppy class will not only give you a head start on basic obedience, but also you will learn how to effectively deal with common puppy problems such as nipping, housetraining, and chewing. Learn how to stop bad behaviour before it begins and socialize your puppy along the way. Puppy classes are geared to dogs from 10-16 weeks of age, in order to maximize your puppy’s key socialization window and prevent possible fear or aggression problems and create a well rounded dog. 2 sets of vaccinations are required by 10 weeks of age, and three by 16 weeks.

Our classes are fun for both human and dog! Come experience the magic of positive reinforcement and see what everyone is talking about. We do not use choke, shock, or prong collars. Instead, our methods include dog-friendly training methods like clicker training and lure/reward using food, play, and praise as reinforcement to bring out the best in your pet. You can start at any time, and if for whatever reason you can’t complete the classes, we will transfer the remaining balance to a credit for doggy daycare. We are also experienced with “difficult to train” breeds and multi-dog households. Contact us today to start building a better relationship with your dog.

Group Lessons cost: $142.85 plus HST for 8 Class Pass (3 months to use). Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations (within 3 years) and records must be provided. Bordatella vaccination is required for adult dogs.

Included with Class: All current class pass holders will be able to attend a weekly socialization hour free of charge provided their dog is suitable in temperment. A great opportunity for your dog to get some extra excercise and socializing with different dogs! $5 for anyone who isn’t currently holding a class pass but would still like to attend.

Private Lessons
Private lessons available for behaviour problems, or people who can’t make scheduled group classes. We are experienced with fear/aggression problems using proven, scientific methods of behaviour change. Depending on the severity of the issue you can often see a marked improvement in just a few lessons. Most of the time it does not take very much time to deal with common problems such as barking, jumping up, pulling on the leash, fear/reactivity (aggression) to people or other dogs. Severe aggression/fear problems take the most time but with dedication, patience, positive methods and consistency can be brought to a manageable level fairly quickly. Don’t get rid of your dog! Call us for help first. We succeed where other trainers have failed. Flexible schedule!

Understanding Aggression
Most, if not all, of dog aggression is rooted in fear. Aggressive behaviour is actually the dog’s way of asking for space in response to something that frightens the dog. Often the owner’s nervousness due to past experience only compounds the issue. Using punishment to train aggression does not fix the root cause of the problem in fact is only makes it worse (adding unpleasant/painful stimulus to an already unpleasant/fearful stimulus makes the dog’s trigger even more scary!) and although the dog may look like it is cured (stops growling etc.) in fact what has occurred is the dog has learned to suppress the outward signs of aggression, but the fear has not gone away. This creates a “loaded weapon”, a dog who will not growl or show signs of being afraid and will go directly to biting if pushed too far. Using punishment to treat ‘aggression’ (fearful behaviour) can also cause the dog to redirect his aggression to a person (likely the handler), or other dog or stimulus. Our training methods do not use any punishment or correction for fear or aggression. Instead we focus on proven, scientific methods of behaviour modification. We use systematic desensitization and counter conditioning to break down the fear response and teach your dog a new method (looking to you for direction instead of barking/lunging/going crazy) of dealing with his fears. This method works surprisingly quickly and creates lasting results and breaks down the root of the problem.

Cost: $60 per hour plus HST and travel time ($30/hour) is total travel is over 30 minutes (or we can refer you to a qualified trainer in your area). Initial consults are usually one hour, and follow up lessons around 30 minutes. Email consults are always free.


Sarah is amazing. She went above and beyond more than once. When is the next class we can join?

Sarah has been my dog trainer for a year and…she is a wonderful person to work with. Sarah always goes above and beyond what is minimally required. Whatever she does she puts her all into the job at hand. She provides professional and effective work methods which are easily communicated with others. The methods which she executes are very efficient and useful. Everything that Sarah does is done with a great level of care and interest, and it is clear she is very passionate about training.

I have to thank you so much Sarah – you are a wonderful dog trainer and we enjoyed your class so much. Good luck to you in everything you do and not only did we get a dog that listens better and behaves better – we found a friend in you.

Sarah was really helpful, she used constructive criticism and was great with the dogs.

Thanks for all the positive feedback! I had a great time!

Sarah is a very nice, helpful, good teacher, and is good with the dogs.

Sarah provided some really great ideas on our problems. Her patience was greatly appreciated.