Let us help you raise the dog of your dreams!

Puppy Social School is our day school program for puppies 3-5 months old. It is our introduction to dog daycare and focuses on dog-dog socialization, basic training and socialization to the downtown core sights and sounds. Puppy over 5 months? Check out our Day School!

Puppies 3-5 months old.

Puppy Social School Includes:

  • Supervised, structured dog socialization mixed with naps, training and enrichment.
  • Training sessions with our Certified Trainer
  • Private socialization walk with our Certified Trainer


Intro package: 3 x Puppy Social School Sessions for $195

Addition days: $65 per day

Drop Off Times:
between 8am and 9am

Pick Up Times:
between 12pm and 1pm

No Meet & Greet necessary! Simply buy the package, and book your puppy in for the day/days you want them to attend each week.

Days Offered:
Weds and Fridays until September

Puppies must be up to date on Distemper/Parvo DAPP), Bordetella, and Rabies vaccination to attend.

*2nd round of vaccinations (DAPP and Bordetella) is required. Rabies is not required until 4-6 months old/as recommended by the vet*

See our other puppy programs: Puppy Smart Start Group Class or Private Lessons

Vaccination Requirements Dogs must be up to date on rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations for all training appointments. Puppies require one set of Distemper/Parvo (DAPP) at 8 weeks old, 2 sets by 12 weeks (Bordetella recommended here as well), and 3 sets plus Rabies by 16 weeks. 

Proof of vaccination must be provided before the appointment time. We cannot provide services to dogs without up to date vaccinations, but can accept titer test results of exemption letters from your veterinarian if your dog cannot be vaccinated for health reasons.

Cancellation Policy We have a 48-hour cancellation policy. If you are unable to provide this notice, we will charge you in full for the missed appointment if we are unable to fill the spot. Evaluations will be charged a no-show fee. We sometimes have a waiting list and if given enough notice we can fill the appointment. If you have an emergency, please let us know so that we can treat your specific situation with personal attention. We do not consider conflicts to be emergencies. This cancellation policy is necessary for our small business to continue to serve our clients in need. Please call the store to cancel an appointment. E-mail cancellations will not be accepted. Thank you for understanding.