17 Very Important Cat Jobs | Bored Panda

17 Very Important Cat Jobs | Bored Panda

Being a cat is not just about being cute or beautiful or mysterious. Cats actually have a lot of critically important jobs which us humans tend to take for granted. We’re the artists behind the creative studio Last Lemon, and after we posted a few illustrated...

If My Dog Could Talk [Image]

This made me laugh a LOT, had to pass it on to all the other dog owners out there as I know this is true for so many dog owners…and that is why we love them so much.

Video: The Days of May (happy photos and video)

A compilation of video clips and photos set to music showing you some of the fun that is had while your dog visits our daycare. We love all of our friends who visit us and they love to be here to play and adventure with us and the other dogs at Barks and Recreation....