We offer a large range of services and high-quality products for pet lovers in the East Kootenays. Services including positive based dog training from three certified dog trainers, weekday daycare service for socialization and exercise, gentle dog grooming services via a groomer with 5+ years experience, and a u-bath service if you wish to wash your own dog without having to clean up the mess afterwards.
We carry a large assortment of high-quality Canadian made dog and cat foods by Petcurean, Champion Pet Foods, and Firstmate Pet Foods. We also have a high percentage of Canadian and US made treats by companies such as Zukes, Waggers, Merricks, Darford, Venison Joe’s, Feelgood, Purebites, Greenies, and more. Toys made in Canada and the US via Westpaw, JW Pet, Planet Dog, Chuck-It, and more.