Amongst the recent moves of both our home and our business to the new location at 1208 Pine Ave. in downtown Trail I managed to create another calendar filled with the happy photos of most of our daycare dogs. This year I added names to all of our happy photos as well as an extra label showing you that a good percentage of the fantastic daycare crew regulars are adopted dogs from local shelters.

If you are interested in purchasing the new 2014 Barks and Recreation Calendars please come in to the store or head to the Trail Regional BC SPCA and pick one up as they have already been selling very quickly. If you are from out of town but would love to see more of the beautiful dogs that come to our daycare you can also purchase one via the button below with included shipping charge for any orders within Canada (please allow 2-3 weeks to arrive). Outside of Canada? email us and we will find out how much it may cost to get a calendar sent to you.

Canada-Wide Shipping Paypal payment:


All proceeds from these calendar sales will be donated to the Trail Regional BC SPCA so please give so that the SPCA can care for all of the lovely, furry friends they receive.