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Daycare Price and Policy Changes

To all our valued and appreciated clients,

Costs for daycare will be increasing slightly for 2023. As well, we will be adding some new operating policies regarding payment, intact dogs, and new dogs. This will allow us to continue to offer the same high-quality service we pride ourselves in.


As of January 1 2023 prices will be increasing to:

Full Day: $38 plus tax

Package prices will change to:

Buy 5 save 5% = $180.50 plus tax

Buy 10 save 10% = $342.00 plus tax

Play and Learn (new dogs, intact males over 6 months old*, and puppies under 5 months old):

$78 per week. Includes one Play and Train session per week and one lesson per month with your trainer.

Additional a la carte days: $63

*Intact males over 6 months old will be behaviour dependent.

Half days will still be available to existing clients at a rate of $33 but must be paid for in-store or by e-transfer. There will not be an option to pay online for half days or packages through Busy Paws.


  1. In order to streamline our pick up process, we will be asking that all daycare be pre-paid. You may pre-pay when booking online, in store for packages, or by e-transfer.
  2. Play and Learn will now be sold by the month. The monthly fee is $312 or $78 per week. This includes one Play and Learn day (under 5 hours) and one 45 minute lesson (online or at our location) with your trainer per month.
    • Play and Learn for puppies 3-5 months old will be mandatory. This program will follow the same curriculum as our Puppy Smart Start group classes for basic manners training, socialization and body handling training. It will include daily training sessions, a private socialization/training walk as well as professionally monitored play-group time for dog socialization.
    • New daycare dogs over 5 months old must complete at minimum one month of the Play and Learn program.
    • Intact males over 6 months of age who display problematic intact male behaviours such as humping, marking, or over-sexualized behaviour will be required to enter the Play and Learn program. Behaviours like aggression will prohibit attendance to daycare.
    • Dogs who have more than two months off must enter the Play and Learn program to be accepted back into daycare.


  1. Intact females are still welcome in daycare. They must be off daycare for 4 weeks from the start of their heat and must be bathed before they return.
  2. Sick or injured dogs may not attend daycare. If your dog is sick or lame/injured they will be sent home early.
  3. Cancellations must be made no less than 24 hours before daycare day or may be subject to a charge. Please cancel by email ( or messaging on Facebook, Instagram or Busy Paws as we do not receive voicemails in the morning. There is no penalty for late cancellation due to sick or injured dogs or family emergencies.
  4. Dogs must attend daycare a minimum of twice per month to continue to attend. Exceptions made for time off for spay/neuter or injury or at manager’s discretion.
  5. Pre-paid packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  6. Dogs who are aggressive or overly fearful towards humans or other dogs are not candidates for daycare and will not be accepted.
  7. Large breed dogs over 90 lbs will not be accepted (does not apply to existing clients).
  8. Small breed dogs under 10 lbs will not be accepted (does not apply to puppies and existing clients).
  9. Daycare is not a good fit for all dogs, and some dogs may enjoy it while young and “age out” as they mature. We maintain the right to refuse daycare service to any dog at any time.