We are pleased to offer a variety of dog training options that we had created to adapt to adhere to the physical distancing needs of the current health crisis.

We’ve created several of our most popular group classes as online formats, which is extremely effective. There are actually benefits as your dog learns new skills in your own home where they are relaxed and where you want them to listen! You get unlimited access to our step by step video library, as well as live online group classes through Zoom. Can’t participate in the live classes? Ask us about self-study options for the online classes.

Our Good Dog! Online class is for dogs over 5 months old and runs for 4 weeks. There is also a bunch of extra material included on how to build a positive relationship with your dog with trust-based leaderships and biological fulfillment. The next round of these classes starts June 18th at 5pm PST. Once you graduate these classes, you may join our outdoor advanced obedience class Beyond the Backyard.

Puppy Training and Socialization

Puppies have unique training needs especially since they need to be socialized at a young age. Socialization is exposing your puppy to things they will encounter in their lives such as sounds, surfaces, odd people, and moving or loud objects.

This has to be done before 16 weeks old, as your puppy is open to new experiences before that age and afterwards may develop fear responses.

Socialization during a pandemic is especially challenging! Our Perfect Puppy Online class focuses on how you can raise a well-rounded, confident puppy using objects you have at home and how to work around people and dog socialization.

It covers basic foundation training skills as well as puppy specific problem solving like crate training, house training, nipping and more.

This class runs Saturdays at 4:30pm PST. The classes are module based so you can start any week and join in for 4 consecutive lessons. Like our Good Dog! Online class, it includes access to our video library plus 4 live Zoom classes.

Puppy Power Social Hour

We’ve also added a drop off puppy socialization time on Saturdays at 2:30pm where you can bring your puppy to play with other pups and friendly adult dogs.

Pups must have a minimum of one vaccination at least one week prior to the session. We sterilize the room prior to play group and are following the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s guidelines for puppy socialization.

To book any of our group classes please visit our website.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available outdoor only for basic obedience and behaviour problems. To book please call us at 250-521-2275 or email info@bnrbc.ca