I was honoured to paint another pet portrait recently of a wonderful dog named Molly. Her owner has been very patient as I was originally asked to paint this near the beginning of January. I had another commissioned painting to complete before I could begin this one but once I had started painting Molly time seemed to blur by. I was given two images to work from, one that was the original pose wanted and the other to use for any fine detailing needed that the first did not have. It was very nice having two perspectives and different types of detailing, I believe it helped me produce a better painting in the end.

Acrylic on Canvas
16″ x 20″
Commissioned Work


Below are images of showing you what it looked like once finished:

Molly - Finished Painting

Molly – Finished Painting

Molly - Finished and Framed

Molly – Finished and Framed


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