bars-and-recreation-trail-bc-nicole-iaabc-certificateBarks and Recreation are happy to announce that one of our trainers, Nicole Courson, has recently received a new certificate in Consulting Principles and Practice from the IAABC. What is the IAABC?

IAABC members have diverse practices and methodologies, and believe in the study and science of behavior consulting. We understand that animal behavior consultants can assist owners in managing and modifying problem behaviors, and in the process help strengthen the relationships between an owner and pet.


IAABC members work to minimize the use of aversive stimuli and maximize the effective use of reinforcers to modify animal behavior. The LIMA (least intrusive and minimally aversive) principle is useful as a general rule. Within that framework, the IAABC welcomes diversity and openness. Positive regard, and respect for differences are among our core values.

This certificate adds to Nicole’s other certificates she has recently been awarded and builds upon our current certified dog training staff’s continuing education. Our training/daycare staff below from left to right: Nicole C, Myra N, Ashley M, and Amy R.

We are also very happy to announce that we will have four of our current staff members taking the highly regarded Dog Trainer Professional Program via Karen Pryor in the spring of 2017. This will add to our current staff of Frankie Smith and Sarah Dixon that had completed this extensive course in 2013. Barks and Recreation is very excited to have so many professional dog trainers on staff to help our customers and their dogs.


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