Primo Pad Advantages

100% Waterproof

Truly Waterproof

Primo Pads are heat-sealed with no stitching or zippers. This locks out any potential water leakage and eliminates possible bacteria growth.

Easy to Clean

Our waterproof pads have fast, easy and no laundry clean-up. Simply, wipe off the pad with any pet-safe disinfectants or spray it off with a hose.

Safe & Supportive


For your dog’s safety and your peace of mind, we use a non-toxic closed-cell foam inside our pads. Unlike the foam used in most pet beds, our foam will not expand in your dog’s stomach (should they find a way to ingest the foam) and is manufactured without harmful gasses.

Health and Support Benefits

Our product is designed to support and benefit any sized dog. The pads interior foam will not flatten or compress over time and provides continual support which helps eliminate hygroma (the swelling of elbow joints) and prevent callouses for your pet.

Vet Approved & Used

Veterinarians and boarding kennels use Primo Pads as a more comfortable and sterile alternative to cloth bedding.

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