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PureBites makes simple treats made with quality ingredients.

Made in the USA

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PureBites Freeze-Dried Process

raw beef liver


Our RAW human-grade proteins are cut or blended into our dog and cat treats, food, and toppers. Still frozen, they are then gently placed into a freeze-drying chamber.

freeze drying beef


Once in the chamber, temperatures are brought down even further, and ice is gently removed from our human-grade proteins through sublimation in a vacuum. This method forces the ice to transition into vapor and water is gently drawn out of our treats, food, and toppers. From start to finish, our freeze-drying process can take up to 24 hours to complete.

freeze dried beef treats


Once complete, delicious morsels of pure RAW freeze-dried goodness are removed and placed into our bags for your pets to enjoy. Our freeze-dried treats, food, and toppers have all the aroma, texture, nutrients, and freshness locked in that dogs and cats crave and pet parents love.